Energy Management

Reducing Energy Usage & Costs

Through analysis of your facility’s  costs, D&G Electric aims to reduce your energy usage costs through rebates and more efficient systems in your facility. We will assess your current lighting system, devise a lighting reduction package that is tailored to your facility and its needs. Our onsite assessment includes the services listed below.

Services Include:

  • On-site analysis
  • Develop approach and strategy for the project
  • Perform energy audit of existing lighting
  • Transfer data to our energy management program for analysis
  • Analyze existing lighting to identify opportunities for increased lighting efficiency
  • Identify materials that will bring increased energy efficiency and lower monthly cost to your facility
  • Research current energy savings programs and rebates offered by Federal, State and Local power authorities
  • Negotiate with Federal, State and Local power authorities to maximize all rebate offers for your facility
  • Recommend a qualified and licensed electrician to complete the retrofit, if needed

Compile all information and present a proposal summarizing ways to improve your facilities lighting, reduce the utility bill, and receive rebates to offset the cost of the project

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